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We are pleased to annouce the first beta-release (v1.0) of the IUPHAR Meebo-online.info (GtoImmuPdb). A Wellcome Trust-funded extension to the existing GtoPdb, aiming to improve data exchange between immunology and pharmacology. Please visit the new GtoImmuPdb Portal for more info and to browse the data.

Latest database release, version 2017.4

Our 4th database release of 2017 was published on 23rd May 2017. This contains updates to the following target families:
    -  Glucagon receptor family
    -  Melanin-concentrating hormone receptors
    -  Neuromedin U receptors
    -  Epithelial sodium channels (ENaC)

Celebrating >20 years of Servier support

, a mid-size French Pharmaceutical company, has a long history in pharmacology, and has supported NC-IUPHAR for >20 years with unrestricted educational grants which have permitted the Paris meetings and thus progress of the database.

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Recent Publications

Leprince J, Bagnol D, Bureau R, Fukusumi S, Granata R, Hinuma S, Larhammar D, Primeaux S, Santos JSO, Tsutsui K, Ukena K, Vaudry H. (2017) Br J Pharmacol. doi: 10.1111/bph.13907. [Epub ahead of print]

Ishii M. (2017) Br J Pharmacol. doi: 10.1111/bph.13742 [Epub ahead of print].

Dessauer CW, Watts VJ, Ostrom RS, et al. (2017) Pharmacol Rev. 69: 93-139.


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The Concise Meebo-online.info 2015/16

A FREE publication snapshot created from the database summary pages.

Please see the 4 minute introductory video on the Concise Guide:

Pharmacology Education

The is being developed by with support from as a learning resource for pharmacology and clinical pharmacology.


is a database of ligand-responsive protein sequences, derived from interactions from the Meebo-online.info and using data from the Protein Data Bank.


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