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The IUPHAR/BPS complete ligand list

All ligands in the database which are currently, or have been in the past, approved for human clinical use by a regulatory agency.

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Ligand name ID Synonyms
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abaloparatide 8299 BA058, Tymlos®
abarelix 1188 Plenaxis®, PPI 149, R 3827
abatacept 6891 BMS-188667, CTLA4-IgG4m, Orencia®, RG-1046, RG-2077
abciximab 6584 7E3 antibody, antiGPIIBIIIa, C7E3, ReoPro®
abemaciclib 7382 CS-1230, HY-16297A, LY 2835219, LY2835219, Verzenio®, Verzenios®
abiraterone acetate 9288 Yonsa®, Zytiga®
acalabrutinib 8912 ACP-196, Calquence®, Example 6 [US20140155385 A1]
acamprosate 7106 Campral®
acarbose 6791 BAY-G 5421, BAY-G-5421, Glucobay®, Precose®
acebutolol 7107 IL-17803A, Sectral®
acenocoumarol 9015 Sinthrome®, Sintrom®
acetazolamide 6792 Diamox®
acetohexamide 6793 Dymelor®
acetyldigitoxin 6794 acetyldiginatin, Acylanid®, alpha-acetyldigitoxin
aciclovir 4829 acyclovir, Zovirax®
acipimox 1596 Olbetam®
acitretin 7598 Ro-101670000, Soriatane®
aclidinium 7449 LAS W-330, LAS-34273, Tudorza Pressair®