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The IUPHAR/BPS complete ligand list

Peptides encoded in the human, rat and mouse genomes.

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Ligand name ID Synonyms
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ACTH  {Sp: Human} 3633 Acthar®, adrenocorticotropic hormone (1-39), corticotropin
ACTH  {Sp: Mouse, Rat} 1331 ACTH (1-39), adrenocorticotrophin, adrenocorticotropic hormone (1-39), corticotropin
activin A  {Sp: Human} 4857
activin AB  {Sp: Human} 4858
activin B  {Sp: Human} 4859
adiponectin  {Sp: Human} 3726 flAdipo
ADP-ribosylation factor 1  {Sp: Human} 5305 Arf1, ARF-1
adrenomedullin  {Sp: Human} 683 AM
adrenomedullin  {Sp: Mouse} 3589 AM, mouse adrenomedullin
adrenomedullin  {Sp: Rat} 697 AM
adrenomedullin 2/intermedin  {Sp: Human} 684 AM2/IMD
adrenomedullin 2/intermedin  {Sp: Mouse} 3590
adrenomedullin 2/intermedin  {Sp: Rat} 3591
adropin  {Sp: Human} 9573
agouti  {Sp: Human} 3609
agouti  {Sp: Mouse} 1329 ASIP
agouti  {Sp: Rat} 3610
agouti-related protein  {Sp: Human} 1335 AGRP, agouti-related peptide
agouti-related protein  {Sp: Mouse} 3611 AGRP, agouti-related peptide
agrin  {Sp: Human}